Best Honest FullBar Review 2022

fullbar review

Fullbar Wifi extender is a new generation of wifi booster designed to expand the signal of your router, and eliminate the wi-fi dead spots from any place.

It is rapidly gaining popularity and reaching the top on the wifi booster market.

 FullBar Review – Will it fix your Wi-Fi dead zones? 

I have reviewed many wifi boosters and among them the Fullbar has earned its place on the list. With this device you’ll be able to obtain more Wi-Fi signal coverage and a faster data transfer. You phone and other devices will see a change from 1 signal bar to a full signal experience, from which you don’t have to worry about more interruptions.

What are the Specs of the Fullbar Wifi booster unit?
Full Bar Specs and Features

✅Dual integrated antennas
✅1 LAN port and 1 WLAN port
2.4GHz signal extension
✅300MBps max speed
✅WAP/WPA2 security encryption
WPS button
✅Easy to use
✅LED connection panel
2 ethernet ports
✅Power button
Energy efficient

 How does FullBar work? 

The job of a wifi booster is to expand the signal of your router to make it available across the entire place, it should be able to cover those hard-to-reach wifi zones.

FullBar does exactly that – grabs the signal from your router and expand it across the entire house.

FullBar works well for small and medium size homes and offices.

nextfi wifi booster

If your signal is crowded with too many people connected in the same room, the FullBar wi-fi booster will come in handy.

The FullBar wifi extender has two built-in integrated antennas that grab the wifi signal and repeat it so anyone who is far from the router can still have full signal coverage.

This wifi booster can reach speeds of up to 300Mbps, that’s pretty strong for a device this small.

With the FullBar Wifi booster running at full capacity I’m able to stream videos, chat with friends and family, play video games, run my PC, phones, table and more from anywhere in my home.

Installation, despite some people claiming they had it running in less than 5 minutes, took me more than 20 mins. The reason for that was because I was not close enough to the router to complete the set up. To avoid the hassle, you have to be near the router to complete setup and have it working properly.

It has a channel of 2.4GHz that offer transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps. With this speed you should be able to run almost any device without getting interruptions.

The FullBar booster can expand the signal up to 110FT and with two or more units the distance is even more impressive.

It’s range coverage will depend on walls, furniture and distance from the router and other electronic devices that may interrupt signal, like the microwave oven. If your place have many factors that are compromising the signal distribution, I strongly recommend that you install more wifi booster units.

I have 3 FullBar units installed in a 2 story house and I enjoy of uninterrupted signal wherever I go. The signal reach goes as far as my backyard, which is great when I’m spending quality time with my family doing some BBQ and enjoying some music.


 How to use FullBar? 

FullBar is an easy to use device. It took me some time to install, but nothing to worry about if you do the set up near the router.

This small gadget is super powerful and can run an entire place without interruptions.

Like most of the Wifi boosters I have reviewed, the FullBar can extend the signal to cover a wide are of around 110FTs.

For the FullBar wifi booster to work you need a power source such as an electric outlet, and a wireless signal from a router. Also, to give purpose to getting one of this, you need to have one or more Wi-Fi dead zones in your house, unless you are like me that travel a lot and carry the wifi boosters all the time.

Once you have identified the wifi dead zones, all you need to do is place your FullBar wifi extender where you need it the most. To connect the wifi booster to the router just press the WPS. This process will allow both the router and the booster to sync together. Remember, you must be near the router to finish this step otherwise your Fullbar will show a connection error.

How do you know if the connection was successful?

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All FullBAr Wifi Boosters come with LED lights that let you know when it is working properly. If you get an error during your installation process all you need to do is disconnect it from the power outlet, wait 30 seconds  and reconnect it. This should clear the memory and will let you redo the steps.

The FullBar booster comes with WAP/WAP2 encryption, one of the best safety features that will make sure your data is protected.

Fullbar Wi fi booster works with most major internet routers and providers in the USA. It was designed to automatically find the closest available wifi signal and make it available in those hard-to-reach areas.  You don’t have to be a tech expert to have this device up and running .

With FullBar’s signal extension you can run any device, even when there are many users connected to the same channel. I’m able to run cellphones, stream music, watch movies, do live videos at once and the connection never gets interrupted.

Kids can keep up with the remote learning, I have it running 4 computers at the same time doing live video conferences and none of them showed loading or buffering messages.

If you are a gamer you will find that the FullBar is compatible with your console. Even if you have the newest generation of gaming consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X and last gaming PC in the market this wifi extender will ensure your connection never gets interrupted in the middle of your online play.

 What are the benefits of getting the FullBar Wifi Booster? 

signaltech wifi booster reviews

When we buy something we expect it to be perfect. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Although FullBar is not the perfect wifi booster, it sure can put a lot of benefits in your home by eliminating the wi fi dead zones and providing signal across the entire place.

Instead of trying to convince this is a great purchase, I will provide the list of benefits of having this small wifi extender.

Unique Design

One of the things that I love the most about this wifi booster is its small and portable design. Other Wi-Fi boosters have a bulky design, but this is just small that fits in the palm of your hand.

Once connected you won’t even notice is there and won’t damage the look of your home.

The FullBar portable design makes it easy to travel with. You can take it anywhere and will not take up more space than a small wallet would occupy.

The small design also means that you can move it around your house to find the best spot for the extender.  You will find this handy as the best spot is not always where the wifi dead zone is.

Wifi Signal Range Extension

With the 300Mbps and the 2.4 GHZ, one  FullBar wifi booster can cover an area of 100-200FTs. This means that you can have it connected in one room and 3 rooms ahead you can still receive the signal. Two or more FullBar extenders can have a huge impact by extending the signal as far as outside the house. Perfect if you like having quality time with the family doing BBQs, the pool or simple love being outdoors.

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

I like that this device comes with a 30-day guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and your money will be refunded.

You can purchase a lifetime warranty for this product. Although the guarantee is for only 30 days, with the lifetime warranty you can request part replacements or a total replacement if the product fails at some point. So far none of the wifi extenders I have reviewed have such an amazing warranty.

Device Compatibility

One of the best features of this Wi Fi extender is that it’s compatible with any device. With it working you can run computers, gaming consoles,  TV, DVD and Blu-ray players, tablets and even your smart watch.

Unlimited Connections

If you have used a wifi booster before you’ve probably noticed that the more devices get connected the limited the signal. With FullBar being one of the best wifi booster you will get unlimited connections.

No matter how many devices you connect to the wifi booster you will always have good reception and it won’t affect the speed. Use it with all the electronics you and your family love.

Value For Price

There are really expensive wifi booster in the market, some will be around $100-200usd and even more, and they offer the exact same features as the FullBar. On the other hand, the FullBar wifi booster price starts at $39.95 a unit (that’s with the limited 50% discount). You can even get them at a lower price when purchasing the special packages of 2 or more units.

The low price of this wifi booster is because it is new to the market, and the company is trying to get more customers to purchase and review the product. It won’t surprise if the prices increase in the upcoming months. If you are planning on getting a wifi booster for home, this is the right time.



 FullBar Review – What People Didn’t Like The Most? 

Not a single wifi booster is perfect. I can agree that some are near-perfect, but you should see the potential downside of the product.

What I didn’t like about this gadget and need to add it in my FullBar review is that is is only sold online. There is no way that you can find the product on any retail store, not even on Amazon nor eBay. You can get it on the official store and we have provided a link on the “Where to Buy Section” below.

It also lacks a reset button, and it’s pretty annoying to keep disconnecting and reconnecting to the power outlet for a reset. I have other wifi boosters with an integrated reset button and it works great.

Some say that shipping is long; it took 2 weeks for me to arrive, but others had to wait for more than a month. My best guess is that the company underestimated the popularity of this wifi booster and fall a little behind on production or the manufacture was stopped due to the situation about the pandemic.

Another thing that you must have in mind is that this wifi extender relies on your internet speed and if it your internet speed is lower than 300Mbps don’t expect the extender to increase the speed. For greater speed you need to contact your internet provider. However, greater speed won’t fix the dead zones in your home, you’ll still need a wifi booster to do that.

 FullBar Review Pros & Cons 

FullaBar Pros:

✅Small, portable and easy-to-use.
✅WAP/WAP2 security encryption.
✅Price and affordability.
✅WPS button for easy connection.
✅Unlimited connections.

FullBar Cons:

❌Ships only to USA.
❌Setup near the router.
❌Sold only online.

 FullBar scam or legit? 

signal tech wifi booster reviews

The FullBar Wi-Fi booster is a must-have for anyone dealing with dead zones in their home. If you find that you often drop your signal when using your phone, table or any device in different parts of your home, then this booster will come in handy.

The mother company is new, but they sure put a lot of effort in their clients and will respond to questions through their support platform.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware of copycats, people who will sell similar products claiming it’s the original. To avoid being scammed I recommend to purchase only through there official website found here

By purchasing in their website, you can guarantee that you will get a legit product and not a fake one.


 FullBar FAQs? 

Does FullBar work?

Yes, FullBar is one of the best wifi extenders to buy. It can extend the signal for up to 110FTs depending and eliminate your home’s wifi dead zones.

What speed should I expect from my FullBar?

The max speed for the FullBar is 300Mbps and 2.4GHz of data transfer.

How many FullBar do I need to buy?

One FullBar can cover around 110Fts of your area. If you live in a larger home and have more wifi dead zones that can’t be covered in the 110Fts range, you need to purchase two or more.

Where can I purchase the FullBar?

The FullBar can only be purchased online through their official website. It is not sold in retail stores.

Can the FullBar increase the speed of my router?

No, the speed of your booster is limited to your internet router’s speed. FullBar will only extend the existing signal.

Can I use the FullBar as a router?

No, FullBar works only as a wifi extender. It relies on your router to expand your wifi connection.

Is there a monthly fee for using the FullBar?

There are no monthly fees for using FullBar Wifi Booster. It is a one-time purchase only.

What is the FullBar Wifi Booster warranty?

FullBar has a 30-day money back guarantee. However, you can purchase a lifetime warranty.

 FullBar Price & Where to Buy 

The FullBar WiFi booster can be purchased through their official website and only there is where you can find the half price discount.

The regular price for one unit is $79.90 usd, but with the 50% discount and free shipping it is at  $39.95. If you buy more units you can get them at a lower price.


 Final verdict 

walmart wifi booster

 Rating 92%  (9.2/10)

There are many things to love about the FullBar, from size to performance it never ceased to amaze.

This small wifi booster has everything you need to extend your signal and make it available to all corners of your place.

From big house owners to small apartments, from gamers to e-book lovers, from kids to seniors, they all love this small gadget.

It is designed to make live easier! The FullBar will make a wifi mesh network one of the best experiences to work with and now that online business and remote working has become key in our daily activities it will fulfill the purpose of enhancing your wireless experience.

Use the internet easily outside as you do indoors and say goodbye to the annoying dead zones.

You don’t have to purchase another router, and never worry about overpaying for a wifi booster. This small gadget will fix your problems at a fraction of the cost.



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