What Is The Best WiFi Booster in 2022

best wifi booster

Whether you are using the internet connection for your kids online schooling, working from home or trying to keep connected with friends, families and events, it is very likely that you rely on your Wi-Fi connection more than ever before.

Nowadays, most internet provider companies have packages that include high quality Wifi routers, but in the average family home, Wifi dead spots also known as Wifi dead zones are one of the main issues in performance. Probably you have learned at this time that there are zones in the house where the Wifi connection is bad, and we know from experience it can be a real pain.

To solve that problem many think that the solution is to buy more routers, but the truth is that those dead zones can be fixed with a good wifi range booster.

The best Wi-Fi booster should be able to easily increase wifi coverage, boost the internet speed, strengthen signal and allow you to run your devices in zones where your Wifi signal can’t reach with your normal router’s reception.

Our team tested over 25 of the top WiFi signal boosters in the market for quality, functionality, design, speed, coverage and compatibility. We’ve gathered the best Wi-Fi booster options for 2022. 

Best WiFi Booster Comparison Table


rangextd reviews


trifi boost


ibooster reviews


Super Boost Wifi Reviews


maxboost wifi reviews






up to 1200Mbps

LAN Ports






Set Up Time

5 minutes

15 minutes

15 minutes

20 minutes

20 minutes

WPS Button









Dual 3D




70-120 meters

300 meters

50-120 meters

70 meters

65-100 meters


30-day extended





Overall Rating






2022 Best Wifi Booster Reviews

The best wifi booster should have key components to help boost your internet connection without the hustle of technical support and time consuming installation. It should recognize your router wireless signal and extend it to where you need it by fixing those wifi dead spots. This will allow you and your family  to enjoy faster downloads and a buffer-free streaming with multiple users at once.

Now, having selected the best wifi booster based on reviews, performance and functionality. Let’s provide more details on what their key features are, what do they offer and why we consider these should be the top Wifi boosters.


1. iBooster Best Wifi Booster Reviews Best Choice

rangextd wifi booster reviews

ibooster wifi signal booster

Supposedly inspired by military technology, the iBooster Wifi Booster ranks third in our wifi repeater review list. Although a little big pricey when compared to the RangeXTD the iBooster Wifi Booster has a lot to offer for the money.

The iBooster wifi works with major companies like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon but it’s also compatible with thousand of other wireless providers as well. This makes the iBooster Wi-Fi booster the best choice for people that are constantly traveling or had to change their provider for any reason.

The iBooster wifi extender comes in a compact size, but it is built powerful enough to fix the dead zones your router can’t cover. Its hassle free installation will make it easy to set up and recognize the wifi signal and amplify it to where it is needed, and this makes it purpose fulfilling immediately.

If your home is having weak wifi zones and your family is struggling with poor streaming, constant loading and interrupted chat or video sessions, the iBooster Wifi Signal Booster is the right choice for you.

iBooster Wifi Booster Specifications

At 3.1 x 2.2 x 2.0 inches, the iBooster Wifi is among the smallest devices of its kind, however its round “corners” give a huge disadvantage as it will occupy the entire electric outlet when connected.

It comes with a Wifi Protected Setup or WPS which is designed to make the process of connecting to a secure wireless network router easier. By just a push of a button it should be able to sync and connect following the password and on-screen instructions in your PC.

The iBooster wifi repeater can boost 300Mbps network bandwidth which is pretty fast for the price and extend a 2.4GHz signal. It only uses 2 watts of power, making it one of the most efficient Wifi booster in the market with an average of $2.30 per year.

The iBooster WiFi extender is one of the few wifi boosters with WAP2 standard security. The WAP2 will provide a stronger data protection and access control to the web. This is ideal, when you rely on secure or sensitive information that needs to be protected.

Just like any other WiFi booster, the performance when setting it up is the placement. You want to set up your booster in the most optimal area of your home, and to do that you probably have located the weak wifi zones. To get the most from your iBooster, we recommend placing it half-way between your wireless router and the area with poor or weak connection. This will ensure you get the most coverage possible from your wireless network.

iBooster WiFi Booster Warranty

The iBooster Wifi booster comes with 1 year warranty that can be extended to life time. The company has been around for quite some time and that makes it reliable to purchase.

iBooster Wifi Pros
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropPortable and energy efficient
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropEasy-to-install and set up
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropOne push connectivity button
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropExpands around 50-70 meters
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropCompatible with most internet wireless providers
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropWAP2 security encryption
iBooster Wifi Cons
❌ Cross Mark EmojiNo firmware updates
❌ Cross Mark EmojiCompatibility issues erros with WiFi-6
❌ Cross Mark EmojiMany copycats claiming to be the original brand

Our Verdict: iBooster Wi-Fi booster is a perfect extender to enhance and widen your home wifi connection. It’s fit for big places that have multi-level connections or offices. The easy-to-set up wifi booster makes it attractive to people without too much of a technical expertise.
Rating: 99% recommended

>>iBooster Wifi Booster Reviews<<


2. Trifiboost Wifi Booster Review Runner-Up

Trifiboost wifi booster reviews

The Trifiboost Wifi booster falls under the new generation of wifi extenders. It is quickly becoming on of the best seller wifi booster in the market.

This compact and portable wifi signal booster offers the fastest data transfer for the price. The installation is easy, but it will take longer than others to finish set up, although with some routers is just as simple as plug and play.  This has proven to be a problem when traveling with the Trifibooster as people like a simple set up to be on the move.

However, when the Trifiboost gets connected, the signal strength can surpass any signal booster and making it the favorite to us and other purchasers. Making it the second choice in our list.

The TriBoost Wifi repeater can easily extend or repeat your wireless signal up to 300 meters from where it’s placed.  For its capacity, speed and performance it is definitely worth mentioning. People looking for speed and boosting capability instead of price should definitely consider to buy the Trifiboost.

If you live in a big place that wifi dead zone are more common than a small place, the Trifiboost extender will fix the problem without the need to purchase multiple devices. Of course, it will depend on many factors, such as interference from objects, walls, furniture, and size of the place.

The Trifiboost offers dual-band Wi-Fi  with 300Mbps on 2.4GHz  and 433Mbps on 5Ghz channels. This is one of the fastest data transfer speeds that can be offered.

With 3 antennas it has the capacity to extend its range up to 300 meters in lenght (aprox. 984 feet) which makes one of the longest range to be covered by any booster. With 2.4Ghz and 5G networks capacity it is highly recommended to expand connections with just 1 or 2 extenders.

Although it is small in size, it is not the most eye appealing. If not located in a discrete place the 3 antennas give the Trifiboost a weird look that you can’t ignore when entering a room.

Trifiboost Specifications

The power of the Trifiboost wifi booster can’t be questioned. It is built with a Dual-band Wi-Fi with 300Mbps on 2.4Ghz and 433Mbps on 5Ghz channels. When looking to boost your internet connection to its greatest the Trifiboost is definitely the best choice.

Why is this 5GHz so fast? Most people are connected to the 2.4GHz, and this gives a slower connection due to network congestion. However, 5GHz are not crowded with users and thus providing a smoother faster experience. Which means your connection is going to be fast…really fast!
Being able to switch between channels is a plus for this internet signal booster and that’s a game changing when looking for performance.

The trifiboost has 3 antennas that are not built-in to the device, but these give the wifi extender the unique possibility of extending the range farther than most boosters. You can upgrade to a stronger antenna if you want to fully enjoy the maximum capacity of the wifi booster function.

It comes with a boost button that can allow you to switch between 75% performance and 100% performance. This button gives you a full control over your booster.

What makes this booster stand out from the rest? The Trifiboost offers functions other wifi boosters don’t have. With extended range capacity, the option to switch from 2.4G to 5G and adjustable antennas, you can ensure your wi fi signal booster is working to its full potential.

It also comes with a smart Wi-Fi light, that allows you to see the signal strength you are getting. If the signal strength is weak instead of placing the Trifiboost in another outlet you can move the antennas to better catch the signal.

Trifiboost Waranty

Trifiboost company offers a 30-day money back guarantee for unused products. Although we would’ve hope for a better one, when compared to the best wifi boosters the Trifiboost offers unbeatable quality materials and wifi boost performance.

Trifiboost Pros
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropTurbo/Boost button
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropCustomer support
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropFully controllable
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropSupports 5G
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropExpands around 300 meters
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropCan upgrade for more coverage
Trifiboost Cons
❌ Cross Mark EmojiCan be a bit expensive
❌ Cross Mark EmojiNo eye appealing
❌ Cross Mark EmojiSells out fast and may take more time to deliver
Rating: 98% Recommended 

Our Verdict: If you are looking for potential, the best speed and functionality as your top choices – the Trifiboost is definitely your best buy wifi booster. Although, it may be a little pricey (around $20+ than the other brands) it is worth every penny. By considering the Trifiboost you are also reducing the necessity of purchasing extra wifi boosters and with the new tech in place the chances of upgrading are less probable. Based on the results and what the trifiboost has to offer we can consider Trifiboost our second choice.

>>Trifiboost Reviews<<


3. RangeXTD Wifi Booster Review


nextfi wifi booster

This compact and portable wifi signal booster is a great addition to any place.  It comes nicely packaged and with everything you need for an easy installation.

The Range XTD can easily extend or repeat your wireless signal to any room when connected in a good range distance from your router. For its easy-to-use capacity, price point and construction materials the range xtd wifi extender scores the highest in rating.

If your are experiencing bad wifi reception zones in your home or office and you have tried different things to solve that issue – like placing your router in another area, contacting your internet provider for support or even increasing your internet speed with absolute no results and yet, your weak wifi zone still there, you must consider the Range-XTD booster as it will extend your wifi signal without adding an extra monthly bill to your pocket.

RangeXTD Specifications

The RangeXTD booster is a small box just like any regular charger that can fit in the palm of your hand. It is sleek and has a beautiful design that will blend nicely in your room and can go unnoticed. However, the Range xtd booster does need a power outlet to be able to work.

Like many of the best wi fi boosters, the Range XTD will extend your wi-fi signal range and eliminate dead spots. It will enhance your user experience and allow a smooth connection through out the place.

All RangeXTDs come with 2 built-in 3D antennas with fast data transfer of 2.4GHz and up to 300Mbps. This is a great addition as it will allow to grab the weak wireless signal and duplicate it to more dead zones while providing the same stability and quality performance.

A WPS connectivity button was conveniently added for easy synchronization between your router and the range xtd wifi signal booster. By just pressing the WPS button, both your booster and router will pair fast enough for the systems to be working properly.

The Range-xtd booster is packed with 1 LAN and 1 LAN/WAN port, as well as WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption. Which makes it utterly safe for your activities while protecting you from attacks and intruders and allows you to establish a wired connection for your devices like PC, video game consoles, printers and faxes.

The RangeXTD wifi repeater comes with  Wi-Fi signal strength indicator lights that will let you know whether your wifi reception is strong, normal or have a weak connection. By visually knowing your wifi signal strength you can decide whether to connect your RangeXTD booster closer or farther in a room.

One of the key features of this portable wifi booster and the reason why the RangeXTD review on of the best range boosters is that the company added 3 connection modes that are hard to find together in any other wifi booster.

  • Router Mode – This mode is no different from the original router and with comes with all its benefits such as: VPN, parental controls, remote managing, and the ability to block websites.
  • Access Point Mode – This mode allows multiple devices to connect at once without limiting the number. It also maintains the speed connection and bandwidth while browsing the internet.
  • Repeater Mode – This is the classic function for all wifi boosters/repeaters. It will grab the existing router’s wireless signal and extend it through out your place, including outdoors, garages, patios and more. Have in mind that you may need multiple Wifi boosters to be able to reach and correct more weak wireless zones.

The RangeXTD is equipped with a power On/Off button that makes it easier to turn off when not in use. Instead of disconnecting the device that sometimes makes you lose synchronization, the power button allows to keep all settings in a way that when you turn it back on, the system will set up again automatically.

RangeXTD warranty

RangeXTD offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Which means that is the device does not comply with your expectations, you just return it to the seller for a full money refund or a replacement.

RangeXTD Pros
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropSmall, portable and discrete
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropEasy-to-install
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropOne push connectivity button
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropExpands around 70 meters (120 feet)
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropAffordable price
RangeXTD Cons
❌ Cross Mark EmojiMay fail to connect with some routers
❌ Cross Mark EmojiOnly available for United States, Canada and Australia
❌ Cross Mark EmojiFrequently out of stock
Rating: 96% Recommended 

Our Verdict: Don’t be deceived by the RangeXTD’s size. This extender may be small, but it’s powerful enough to expand the signal for up to 70 meters. So if you are really looking to fix the weak wifi spots in your place the booster RangeXTD can do that for you.

>>RangeXTD Wifi Booster Reviews<<


4. WiFi Ultra Boost Wifi Booster Review

wifiblast range extender

Despite the WifiUltraBoost not being new to the market. Many people still purchase this wifi booster for its performance. We have taken advantage from this booster for 3 to 4 years now and still do a great job by boosting the wifi reception.

The Wifi UltraBoost is very much alike to the Superboostwifi, with the exception that the mother company only ships to USA and Canada.

The installation is super easy and fast. Allowing to connect to any room and remove the frustrating WiFi cut-outs and slow loading times with just a few setup steps. It can boost the wifi connection and run multiple devices at once with uninterrupted wifi signal.

Frequent travelers can have a peace of mind with the Wifi ultra boost as it can be purchased with european outlet or the american outlet.

Wifi UltraBoost Specifications

The Ultraboost Wifi Booster comes in a discrete size of 3.1 inches x 2.2 inches x 2.0 inches. It is one of the smallest wifi boosters in the market.

However, its round corners usually occupy the entire electric outlet  making it space inefficient when compared to other wi-fi signal booster devices.

It is equipped with a WPS button that allows an easy connection. Following a simple setup and basic instructions, you should be able to have you Wifi Ultra Boost ready in minutes. This is a plus for people that are not that “tech savy”.

The best wifi signal booster should at least have the capacity to boost a 300Mbps bandwidth and the WifiUltra Boost can  do the job without hesitation. With a 300Mbps boost capacity and a 2.4 GHz signal extension capacity this Wifi Booster should be on the list of any family.

If you also want to save energy, the Ultra Wifi Boost is one of the best wifi boosters to do so. It’s powerful performance does not compromise energy efficiency at all. It only consumes around 2.3 watts of power or around $2.75 usd per year.

The Ultra Wi Fi Boost comes with dual integrated antenna for better transmission with and expansion range of 50-70 meters from the connection zone.  It also has a LAN port to connect certain devices and give that extra push to your internet.

In terms of security and protection the Ultra wifi boost works with an integrated WEP (Wireless Encryption Privacy). Although it is not as updated as the WAP and WAP2 it will securely encrypt your wireless connection making it safe to navigate the internet.

The Ultra Wifi Booster performance will depend on multiple factors, such as placement, house or building size, furniture and wall construction materials. Depending on any of these factors that may contribute to performance you should consider purchasing 1 or multiple wifi boosters.

Wifi UltraBoost Warranty

The warranty of the Wifi Ultra Booster is not the best when compared to the other we’ve reviewed. It only stand for 30 days, but the good thing is that what lacks of warranty is compensated by price.

At 50% off discount you can get one wifi booster for only $49 usd instead of the regular $98 USD. It is understandable why most people are looking for the Ultra Wifiboost as with that price they can purchase more and have the best wifi booster experience in their homes.

Wifi Ultraboost Pros
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropSmall, discrete and portable
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropEasy-to-install and set up
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropOne Push connection button
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropConnect up to 30 devices
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature Drop50% off discount
Wifi Ultraboost Cons
❌ Cross Mark EmojiWarranty is not the best
❌ Cross Mark EmojiShips Only To US and CA
❌ Cross Mark EmojiStill uses WEP instead of WAP
❌ Cross Mark EmojiRuns Out-of-Stock fast
Rating: 93% recommended

Our Verdict: Wifi Ultra Boost is the best wifi booster when price and performance are your top priorities. It is perfect for people who want easy installation or avoid the hustle of technical support. From $49 USD it is definitely a wifi booster to consider. Bigger discounts are provided when you purchase the wifi booster in bulk packages of 2 or more.  The company has been in the market for many years which makes it trustable and reliable

>>Wifi Ultra Boost Reviews<<


5. Fullbar Wifi Booster Review


Last but not least, we need to add the FullBar Wifi Booster to our list. Due to the impressive capacity to run multiple devices at once this new wifi booster is gaining popularity among users.

Surprisingly, the top buyers for the FullBar wifi signal booster are people around the age of 50-75. But why is this the best wifi signal booster for this particular range of age?

We came to the conclusion that users buy the Fullbar Wifi signal booster because of it’s design and hassle free performance.

It has the capacity to boost and extend your wifi range signal and provide a reliable connection in and around your home.

Fullbar Wifi Boost Specifications

The best wifi booster should come in compact sizes, and the FullBar booster is an exception to that rule. It is not that small and can be bulky when compared to the smaller competitors; the Ultra Boost Wifi and the iBooster Wifi booster.

It comes equipped with 4 antennas that will recognize the routers signal and boost it to the desired area. It also comes with a WPS button that will easily connect to your existing wifi signal without the struggle and hustle of interuptions due to objects, constructions, and other things that usually affect the signal.

When referring to strength, the Full Bar signal booster can push your Wifi network bandwidth  1200Mbps and 2.4Ghz signal. Having a 1200Mbps does not necessary mean better speed – have in mind that everything will depend on your router.  In terms of energy consumption, it is around $3.00 usd yearly, however it is too premature to know as we have only tested it for only a few months.

Just as the best wifi booster in 2020, the FullBar is scaling rapidly the 2022 best Wifi booster list. I expect this amazing signal booster to outrank a few others, but not that soon. It has one LAN and one WLAN ports plus an ethernet port that makes connectivity even more efficient when you need the full strength of a signal.

WAP and WAP2 security encryptions are key components in this wifi booster. As previously mentioned, the WAP2 is the latest technology in terms of web security. The company put a lot of effort in safety when building one of the best wifi booster for home.

While comparing the Wifi booster coverage, we can say it goes from around 65 to 70 meters of signal range booster, to some it’s not the best wi fi booster range, but yet when considering other wifi booster reviews like the Wifiblast the Fullbar is superior as it covers 3-6 times the Wifiblast range. By purchasing multiple Fullbar Wifi boosters will help you get better wifi signal strength from your router and extend further beyond the normal range.

The FullBar wifi booster price is affordable. Starting at $39.95 usd plus shipping costs makes it a bargain and at when purchasing in bulk customers can enjoy even greater discounts. 

FullBar Wifi Booster Warranty

This Wifi signal booster comes with a 30-day money back guaranty. The company promises to replace or refund for the purchased product, but customers are responsible to cover shipping costs. However, at an extra cost you can extend the warranty from 30-days to a full year and you can also purchase the Life Time Protection. I can tell you, that tell you that no other home wifi booster offers such an incredible warranty.

FullBar Wifi Booster Pros
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropSmall, discrete and portable
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropEasy installation
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropWPS connection button
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropBest wifi booster for home warranty
Check Mark Button on Google Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature DropDiscount on bulk purchases
FullBar Wifi Booster Cons
❌ Cross Mark EmojiRange signal booster can improve
❌ Cross Mark EmojiOnly sold in USA
❌ Cross Mark EmojiRecently released to the market, not too much time to review
Rating: 92% Recommended 

Our Verdict: The new FullBar signal tech wifi booster is rapidly gaining popularity among the community. After testing this home wifi boster for a few months, I can easily understand why many people are inclined to buy this product. If you are looking for affordable prices this is the perfect wifi signal booster for you. We strongly believe this wifi booster will stay in the market for years to come and that soon it will surpass popular brands like the Xfinity wifi booster.

>>FullBar Wifi Booster Reviews<<


If you made it this far, you’re probably considering to get one of the best wifi booster in 2022. The list of wifi boosters is huge, and it is impossible to test them all and provided all the pros and cons of every single one of them.

If you need a great way to upgrade your network by purchasing any of the 5 wi fi boosters mentioned here you can have fantastic coverage anywhere in your house. Not only do they offer the best functionality as the best Wi-Fi boosters, but they also are comparable to the most expensive brands in the market at a fraction of the price.

Found this helpful? If you need information on why you need a wifi booster you can access here: Why Do You Need A Wifi Booster




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