Honest iBooster Review 2022

ibooster review

iBooster is one of the newest generation of Wifi boosters designed to expand the signal of your router, and eliminate all those annoying wi-fi dead zones.

iBooster signal booster has consistently ranked on the top list of the best wifi boosters and still offers a great value for its purchase.

iBooster Review – Is it really the best wifi booster in the market?

I have tested and reviewed many wifi boosters and I can say that iBooster is one of the best choices to correct the wifi signal in your home. With this device you’ll be able to obtain around 70-85% more Wi-Fi signal coverage and a faster and stable stable data transfer in those Wifi weak spots.

What does the iBooster wifi booster has inside?

iBooster Specs and Features

✅Dual integrated antennas
✅1 LAN port
2.4GHz signal extension
✅300MBps max speed
✅WPA2 security encryption
WPS button
✅Easy to use
✅LED connection panel
✅Power button
Energy efficient

 How does iBooster work? 

Like most wifi boosters, the iBooster will use the existing wireless connection of your router and extend it, so you can have a reliable Wi-Fi signal across the entire place.

It is suitable for medium size homes, offices and for people who need to travel a lot. When there are too many people connected in the same room, the iBooster wi-fi booster will come in handy as it will maintain a stable internet connection.

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The iBooster comes with two built-in antennas that are the heart of the unit.

These antennas will grab the wireless signal from your router and extend it with speeds up to 300Mbps. When speaking of speed, a 300Mbps unit can run multiple devices at once without getting wifi connection errors or loading interruptions.

With the iBooster running at full capacity I’m able to play video games, Facetime with my friends and family, run my PC, play music and have some friends using their cellphones and so far we have not had any complaints; everything runs the way it’s supposed to.

Installation is easy, but not quick. It took some time to complete the setup, and if you live a busy life, you will find it exasperating to have to wait for the wizard to finish up. However, iBooster installation is very simple when compared to those expensive brands we have tested.

It has a channel of 2.4GHz that offer transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps. As mentioned earlier, at this speed you’ll be able to run practically most of your devices at at the same time.

The iBooster is capable of expanding the Wi-Fi signal to a range of 110 Fts2 . This means that to fix the wi-fi dead zones you need to make sure your wifi booster is placed at 110Fts or less from that area.

The iBooster’s wifi booster range coverage will depend on interferences just like walls, furniture and distance from the router. If you have too many factors that are blocking the Wi-Fi signal, you may need to consider to get 2 or more wifi booster units to fix the problem.

I purchased 3 units as some of our walls are made of concrete and although the signal was not that bad, I was having some trouble in the farthest room of the house. Now, with 3 working units it was possible to expand the Wi-Fi signal as far as my backyard.


 How to use iBooster? 

iBooster reviews are constantly good and it’s due mostly to its easy-to-use capacity. Although it took me longer than expected to set it up, it is something that anyone can do – even is you know nothing about wifi boosters you can have it running.

You don’t have to be a tech savvy to install this wifi booster. Once it is correctly installed you can enjoy the benefits of a full signal booster anywhere you go in your home.

Like most of the Wifi boosters we have reviewed, the iBooster needs a power source and a wireless router signal. If any of those is missing, the unit won’t work.

Once you have identified your Wi-Fi dead zones, you need to connect the iBooster  and make sure that it is located 100FTs or less from the zone you want to fix as well as in an appropriate distance of your router. To avoid any connectivity errors, I recommend to do the initial setup near the router.

Once you have established a working connection, all you need to do is place your iBooster extender where you need it the most. By pressing the WPS button it should start extending the Wi-Fi signal and you can use your wireless devices from that point on. At this point your wifi dead zones should not be a problem anymore.

How do you know if the connection was successful?

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Each iBooster comes with signal lights that let you know when something is not working properly. If you get an error during your installation process all you need to do is press the reset button and start over again.

The iBooster comes with WAP2 encryption, so you can rest assure that all your data is protected and secure.

iBooster Wifi booster works with most major internet routers and providers. A convenient feature, especially if you have no idea how old your router is or if it needs upgrade.

The iBooster was designed to systematically scan the routers and set up with the right connection. This is probably the reason why it took more time to finish the set up.

The iBooster is a great choice when you travel a lot – especially when travelling internationally.  I’m constantly on the move, and I can say that the iBooster has successfully paired with every router I’ve tried. I know the struggle when you travel with your wifi booster to find out that it is not compatible with the hotel’s internet wifi. That is not the case with the iBooster.

 What are the benefits of getting the iBooster? 


The iBooster has many features that are perfect for any family. It is small, conspicuous and easy to use.

It offers great download and upload data transfer as well as reliable speed. You can connect multiple devices and still feel the same strength all the way through.

With the 300Mbps speed you can stream videos, do conference calls, download your favorite program, play online video games plus much more. Now with schools and students going remote, you can rest assure that the iBooster will help you with the connection.

One iBooster can extend the signal to cover a 110FTs2 range, but if you get more units you can boost the connection in your entire home, including backyard, storage rooms, patios and more.

The wifi booster comes in 2 colors, black or white. And I love the fact that it is sold worldwide and this is why iBooster review top in many countries.

Another thing that I love about the iBooster wifi extender is that it’s energy efficient. It only uses 2 watts of power; that’s around $2.30 a year. It is the most efficient wifi booster I have ever reviewed.

With the iBooster in addition to fixing the Wifi dead zones you will enjoy better internet performance, good and stable connection, uninterrupted user experience and great value for the price.


 What Could’ve Work Better For The iBooster? 

iBooster is a great wifi booster, but it also has it drawbacks.

First I have to mention that shipping can take some time, but it’s all related to the pandemic. We need to add that the company is offering Free shipping and 50% discount that attracts more buyers and great deals like this usually delay shipping process.

It may take longer than other Wifi boosters to set up, but have in mind that I have reviewed many wifi extenders, some are easy to set-up and others not that user friendly. The iBooster is not hard to install, is just that it may take time to finish the process. If this is your first Wifi extender, you’ve probably won’t even mind taking those extra minutes to have it ready.

Last but not least, is the design. Don’t take me wrong here, I love the small size and elegant design of the iBooster, but its round corners can block the entire outlet, making it useless if you need to connect something else there.

For the rest, the iBooster is very good and it will do the job when needed.

 iBooster Review Pros & Cons 

iBooster Pros:

✅Small, portable and easy-to-use.
✅WAP2 security encryption.
✅Price and features.
✅WPS button for easy connectivity.
✅Universal router compatibility.
✅Range coverage

iBooster Cons:

❌Set up time.
❌Shipping may take long.
❌Round corners block outlet.

 iBooster scam or not? 

iBooster has been in the market for many years. It has consistently been selling the product with amazing support.

However, you need to be aware that there are many companies that claim to be “the original”. To avoid being scammed by copycats, we recommend you to purchase in their official site.

By purchasing in their website, you can guarantee that you will get a legit product and not a fake one.

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 iBooster FAQs? 

Does iBooster work?

Yes, iBooster is one of the best wifi extenders to buy. It can extend the signal for up to 110FTs depending and eliminate your home’s wifi dead zones.

What speed should I expect from my iBooster?

The max speed for the iBooster is 300Mbps. It will depend on interference and wall built structures.

How many iBoosters do I need to buy?

One iBooster can cover around 110Fts of your area. If you live in a larger home and have more wifi dead zones that can’t be covered in the 110Fts range, you need to purchase two or more.

Where can I purchase the iBooster?

The iBooster can only be purchased online through their official website. It is not sold in retail stores.

Can the iBooster increase the speed of my router?

No, the speed of your booster is limited to your internet router’s speed. Don’t expect the iBooster to increase the speed. I t will only expand the existing signal.

Can I use the iBooster as a router?

No, iBooster works only as a wifi extender. It relies on your router to expand your wifi connection.

What is the monthly payment for using iBooster?

There are no monthly payments for using iBooster. It is a one time purchase only.

Does iBooster offers moneyback guarantee?

iBooster has a 30-day money back guarantee. However, you can extend your warranty for 1 or 2 years at an extra cost.

 iBooster Price & Where to Buy 

iBooster WiFi booster can be purchased through their official website and only there is where you can find the half price discount.

The regular price for one unit is $98 usd, but with the 50% discount and free shipping it is at  $49. If you buy more units you can get them at a lower price.


 Final ruling 

does wifiblast work

 Rating 99% 

There are many things to love about the iBooster, but what we are looking for is performance.

This small wifi booster has everything you need to extend your signal and make it available to all corners of your place.

Whether you live in a big house or small apartment, or if your office is far away from the best wifi reception, the iBooster will help you get rid of that annoying no-connection error.

It was inspired by military technology and designed to make your life easier. The iBooster will make a wifi mesh network one of the best experiences to work with and now that online business and remote working has become key in our daily activities it will fulfill the purpose of enhancing your wireless connection.

In the end, you don’t need to overpay for any wifi booster, when you have one with the same features at a fraction of the price.



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