Best Wifi Extender In 2022

best wifi extender 2021

If you are struggling with poor Wifi reception in your home or office, a wifi range extender might be the most affordable solution to the problem.

A wifi extender is a low-cost alternative to buying a new router or in some cases multiple routers. If you want to push your existing wifi connection to the limit, and get rid of those annoying dead zones, I strongly encourage to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind technology.

There are plenty of good Wi fi range extenders to choose from – they all come in different shapes and prices, but the best wi fi extender in 2021 should have key components that are at the forefront of the ever-changing technology.

I have reviewed more than 15 of the best wifi extenders for home and here I summarize the top wifi extender to consider based on quality, price and performance.

Top 5 Wifi Range Extenders


wifiblast range extender




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amazon wifi extender


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2.4 Ghz

2.4 to 5.0 Ghz

2.4 Ghz

2.4 Ghz

2.4 Ghz to 5 G


300 Mbps

433 Mbps

300 Mbps

300 Mbps

+300 Mbps


~120 Fts

~300 Fts

~120 Fts

~110 Fts

~120 Fts


1 Port

2 Ports

2 Port

1 Port

2 Port


Integrated Double

3 Adjustable

2 Dual 3-D

Integrated Double

4 Adjustable












Takes Time








Most Efficient






Medium Homes

Large Homes

Small Homes

Small Homes

Large Homes

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What Is The Best Wifi Extender? – Best Buy Wifi Extender Review

Top Pick: iBooster Wifi Extender Review

best home wifi extender

iBooster wifibooster ranks top on our list among the best wifi extenders in 2022. Its advanced features, simplicity and performance makes it superior to many wifi boosters in the market.

If wifi dead zones are a major problem in your home or office, the iBooster extender will come in handy and you don’t have to worry about losing your Wi-Fi signal anymore.

What is the fuss about the iBooster wifi extender? Say no more!

The iBooster is a small but powerful wifi extender that comes with 2 built-in antennas that will grab and extend the wifi signal from most routers without hesitation.

It allows to extend the signal at speeds up to 300 Mbps which is perfect if you want to stream your favorite movie from Netflix or video chat with your friends, family or business meeting without that annoying buffering or the “no internet” message.

If you’ve tried installing a Wifi signal extender in the past, you know the struggle of not getting it to connect properly and spent many hours and countless visits to YouTube to find a solution. With the iBooster you’ll be hassle free  – an easy to use setup “wizard” and an integrated WPS button makes synchronization and connection between the router an extender smooth and fast.

Each iBooster will have 1 LAN port which allows to connect directly to the internet source, making it even more efficient when you need that extra kick to any of your devices.

When speaking of data security, iBooster has one best encryptions ever. With WPA-PSK andWPA2-PSK encryption you can rest assure that your data is well protected.

Conveniently integrated are LED lights that show the signal strength, this will visually help you place the smart wifi extender where you need it the most depending on the signal strength you are getting. A power On/Off button was added so it gives you full control on when to use it.

Don’t be deceived by its size. The iBooster can boost your wifi signal reception to 120 Fts depending on wall thickness, furniture and distance.

In overall, the iBooster is a great home wifi extender, almost matching our runner-up the Trifiboost.

iBooster Overview


✅Easy to Install
✅Compact and portable
✅WPS button WAP/WAP2 Encryption
✅Extends Wifi reception fast
✅Power On/Off button
✅Available to all countries
✅Affordable price


❌Initial set up must be near the router
❌Round corners can limit electric outlet use 

Our Verdict: If you need to push your Wifi to the limit, but don’t want to spent a lot of money, then the iBooster is definitely for you. It’s very easy to install, taking away the hustles and struggles of unwanted wiring, and technical support. A great buy for students, home offices, as well for any regular activity that requires a Wifi connection. Ibooster’s small and portable design makes it perfect for frequent travelers who rely greatly on a good wifi extender.

We’ve been using the iBooster extender for more than a year and it still performs good as new as if was installed yesterday. I need to finish saying that this is the best wireless wifi extender I have running at my place.

Score: 9.8

Runner-Up: TrifiBoost Review

long range wifi extender

Trifiboost wifi extender ranks second on our list of the best wifi extenders in 2022. This runner-up could easily be on the top along with the RangeXTD extender, but I had to make a choice to help you decide whether you need something like this or not.

If you live in a big home and wifi signal is unreliable, the Trifiboost can solve that problem fast.

I was a bit skeptical about the Trifiboost wifi booster at first because of its weird design and the “too-good-to-be-true” reviews that led us to think it was a Trifoboost scam. Thankfully I was dead wrong!

Trifiboost is bigger and not that much of an eye appealing due to the three antennas, but that definitely didn’t take away its performance.

Why did Trifiboost has visible antennas instead instead of having them built into the device? The answer is simple – functionality and performance. The antennas in the Trifiboost are adjustable, and you can reposition them to grab better wifi signal without the need to plug the wifi extender closer to the router. This is something you can’t do with built-in antennas.

Although the Trifi Boost is bulky, it’s still considered small when compared to other wifi range extenders. After all, none of the looks matter, when you are looking for performance. And the Trifiboost is quite impressive in that matter.

The Trifiboost has a unique feature that I couldn’t find in other Wifi extenders. It comes with a dual-band wifi option that allows you to switch from speeds of 300Mbps to 433Mbps. A great addition when you have multiple devices using the wifi range extender signal at once.

It is the only wifi booster that let you choose and have full control of the channels. With just one push of the “Boost” button you can switch from 2.4Ghz to a wifi extender 5Ghz powerful unit with speeds up to 433Mbps. All I can say is that -it is FAST!

  • 300Mbps on the 2.4Ghz channel
  • 433Mbps on the 5Ghz channel

Installing the TrifiBoost is not complicated, it is just plug-in, setup and play. However, you may need to follow some on-screen instructions to complete certain steps.  Just like the Range XTD, the Trifiboost comes with a WPS button for easy connection to a wireless router network.

Each Trifiboost will have 2 LAN ports to connect directly to any device when needed, giving you that extra boost for your devices.

It is integrated with WAP data security which is pretty safe and will protect your valuable information.

Why didn’t I place the Trifiboost first in the best wifi extender review list? It was not due to performance, but this product took longer to ship when compared to the RangeXTD. It is a very popular extender, specially now that most kids are doing online schooling and lots of companies are working remotely.

In overall the Trifiboost is our second best wireless wifi extender, its performance and reliability will depend on multiple factors like house size, walls, furniture. If you need a wifi extender to cover a big chunk of area in your place, this is your best bet. If you are searching for the best outdoor wifi extender, you have to consider TrifiBoost as one of your options.

Trifiboost Overview


✅Boost Speed Button
✅Signal Speed and Extension
✅WAP/WAP2 encryption
✅LED signal indicator
✅Stable signal connection


❌Takes time to deliver/ship
❌Available only in United States, Canada, UK and Australia

Our Verdict: If you live in a big house or need to run multiple devices at once, the Trifiboost will not disappoint. It is a great purchase for students, offices, Airbnbs and people who rely on remote access to do their business. It is a great addition if you are looking for an outdoor wifi extender as it will boost the wifi signal far beyond the house interior to the garage and other premises.

Score: 9.7

3rd RangeXTD Review


Third on the list of the best wifi extenders in 2022 is the RangeXTD wifi extender. This discrete wifi booster can easily fit on the palm of your hand, but don’t be deceived by the small size as it can boost your internet connection without question.

The RangeXTD is ideal for small homes where the Wi-fi signal is not that bad, but still you have those annoying dead zones.

This dual band wifi extender is not new to the market. It has been available for more than a year, and as of today it is capable of delivering a powerful boost to your home’s wifi reception.

The RangeXTD extender comes with 2 built-in 3D antennas. One works as a receiver and the other extends the wifi signal to be used by the receptors (your devices)

Contrary to the Trifiboost wifi extender that has 3 antennas, the RangeXTD with the 2 built-in antennas may require to be placed where it can recognize the router signal. If you don’t have any electric outlet close to the signal source, you may need to move the extender until you find that perfect signal reception.

Although RangeXTD is not that new to the market, it is equipped with the latest technology for Wi-Fi extenders in this category.

With this plug in wifi extender you will be able to obtain up to 85% more Wi-Fi signal coverage.

It can extended a 2.4Ghz signal and boost the speed up to 300Mbps which is pretty fast for a gadget this small.

The RangeXTD company claims installation is as easy as plug in and play, but I had to follow the manual instructions and search some tutorials in order to finish the setup. However, once installed, it performed smoothly.

I comes with a WPS button that allows for easy connection. This comes in handy when you have to reconnect the device after placing it in another area.

In terms of security, the RangeXTD comes with WAP2 encryption. It is one of the safest and most reliable encryptions ever made and you can rest assure that your data and connection will be well protected.

Our favorite feature from the RangeXTD wifi extender and the reason it is worth to be on the top 5 wifi extenders is the signal range. If uninterrupted it can expand the signal to around 70-120 meters. Allowing a reliable connection in farther areas of the home, still you may see interruptions due to walls, furniture, etc.

In overall the RangeXTD is an reliable  wifi signal extender. It will fix slow signal and boost the connection to the best performance it is very comparable to the iBooster, but a little pricey.

RangeXTD Overview


✅Small and Discrete Size
✅WAP/WAP2 security encryption
✅One push connectivity button
✅Stable signal reception
✅Compatible with almost any router


❌Takes time to setup
❌Ships only to United States, Australia. UK and Canada

Our Verdict: After testing the RangeXTD I concluded it is a great purchase. You may consider this wi fi signal extender if you have reception problems where one or more devices aren’t connecting to the internet properly. It is also great for travelers as it can be stored and carried everywhere. The RangeXTD is a great choice and won’t fail to do the job when needed.

Score: 9.6

4th Wifi UltraBoost Review

amazon wifi extender

Fourth on our best wifi signal extender list is the classic  Wifi UltraBoost. I say “classic” because this wifi range extender has been in the market for quite some time, but still ranks one of the best sellers.

The Wifi UltraBoost previously called Super Boost Wifi Booster offers a strong amplified signal with a reliable connection of multiple devices at once.

Just like the iBooster, this wifi extender works with a frequency of 2.4 Ghz, offering transfer speeds of upto 300Mbps.

The UltraBoost Wifi extender comes with LAN ports and a WPS button for easy connectivity.

It comes with two integrated antennas; one that works as a receptor and the other amplifies the signal.

Although the company claims it is easy to install, it took us several attempts to finish set-up, but once installed reconnecting is fast by pressing the WPS button.

One of the best features about this wifi extender is the compatibility with routers. It was designed to work with almost all routers ever designed. or at least the ones that are currently in the market.

This best selling wifi extender comes equipped with LED lights that indicate whether the device is working properly or is having some troubleshooting.

The Wifi Ultra Boost uses WEP security encryption. Although it isn’t the newest security technology still fulfill its purpose and your data will be encrypted and secured.

In overall the Ultraboost may work for you if you don’t know what router you are working with. It will fix wifi dead zones efficiently and extend signal up to 65 square meters.

Wifi Ultraboost Overview

Wifi UltraBoost PROS

✅Small and Portable
✅ WPS button
✅Universal router compatibility
✅50% Discount

Wifi UltraBoost CONS

❌Longer to set-up and install
❌Still uses WEP encryption

Our Verdict: The Wifi Ultraboost will be a perfect fit for any place that is looking to fix wi-fi deadzones and have no idea what router are they dealing with. It works great to correct loading issues with live chats, Skype calls, movie streaming and virtual meetings. Its download and upload speed was amazing and my family is able to stream movies, download and upload Youtube videos without interruptions. If you need to run multiple streaming platforms at once, I recommend to purchase multiple wifi extenders to help you run the devices. Otherwise your connection might get a bit slow.

Score: 9.3

5th FullBar Wifi Extender Review


The FullBar Wifi extender ranks 5th on the list of the Best Wifi extender in 2022. It is one of the newest wifi range extenders that has been released to the market.

Also ranked the best selling wifi range extender among the senior community, but I couldn’t find any logical explanation on why other than marketing promotion from the manufacturer.

It is a bulky extender and not appealing to the eye. Still offers tremendous range coverage.

The FullBar extender comes with 4 antennas, all antenna can move independently to catch the signal direction. With a 2.4Ghz working frequency and around 1200Mbps speed it can flare up the wifi signal and extend the reception to cover most dead wifi zones.

Set up and installation is easy, but it took longer than expected. The reason for this is that you have to be close to the router for the initial setup – something I learned after almost 20 minutes of struggling. Nowhere in the instructions tell you to do the setup near the router, but if you choose this one, then you must know that.

The FullBar wifi extender has WAP and WAP2 encryption security. It also comes with LAN and WLAN ports as well as 2 ethernet ports. If you need a wifi extender with ethernet port, the Fullbar should be on your top wifi extender list.

A WPS button was added to this model that allows easy connection and synchronization between router and extender. This wifi extender has one of the fastest connections when pressing the WPS button.

The signal reception is very stable and I had no issues when using multiple devices at once. The LED light indicator in the front allow easy identification when something is failing or when the set up is not correct.

Of the 5 wifi extenders I have reviewed here, this one has the most complete guidelines and easy-to-follow instructions. Everything you need is well explained and you can find easy support for troubleshooting on the internet and over the phone.

In overall, do we recommend the FullBar Wifi Extender? Absolutely, this wifi extender is worth the mention. It is a new company and it has a bright future. We have been using it for a few months now and so far we can’t find anything to complain other than the initial installation.

FullBar Overview

FullBar PROS

✅Small, discrete and elegant
✅WAP and WAP2 security encryption
✅WPS button
✅Two ethernet ports
✅5G Wifi
✅Stable signal reception

FullBar CONS

❌Needs to be close to router for initial setup
❌Ships only to USA

Our Verdict: If you are looking for a wifi extender that does not take time to install, you should avoid this one. However, once the initial setup is done, you’ll find out that connecting other wifi extenders is going to be very easy. Just remember to do the setup near the router to skip the hustle of not establishing a connection. With the FullBar Wifi extender you can enjoy stable wifi signal for all your wireless activities.

If you need to purchase multiple wi-fi extenders this will definitely be one of your best purchases as the company offers huge discounts when buying in bulk. The product is new to the market, but it is promising. I know I will climb the ladder fast and will win the place among the top 3 wifi extenders pretty soon.

Score: 9.2

Final Decision - Best Wifi Extender Overall

trifiboost reviews

I’ve written dozens of WiFi extender reviews and a few exceeded expectations, others offer a fair purchase, but some fall into the Wifi extender scam. If you are still having doubts on whether which wifi extender to use I can say -go for the iBooster.

After using the iBooster for more than a year now we can see why it is the best wifi extender in its category. Its unique performance is far superior to those expensive brands like the Netgear wifi extender and the Linksys wifi extender.

We pushed the iBooster wifi extender to the limits by running multiple devices at once and never got any connectivity issues and all devices kept running uninterruptedly. 

The iBooster company offers multiple options to their customers such as the 100% money back guarantee and huge discounts, which is ideal when you need to purchase multiple wifi extenders.

In overall, iBooster reviews are usually good, and for the price, the benefits are tremendous. If you need to fix your wifi deadzones and stop worrying about your connection, then this is definitely the wifi extender to buy.


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