New Honest Trifiboost Review 2022

trifiboost review

Trifiboost is a new generation of wifi booster designed to extend the wifi signal of your router and fix wifi dead zones in your room, office or building.

It will grab the wireless signal and expand it across the entire area providing a reliable connection to the users.

I’ve reviewed several Wifi boosters and I can say that Trifiboost booster performance is impressive.

It offers features that can be found on the most expensive wifi boosters, but it won’t make a hole in your pocket.  Why the hype about Trifiboost?

Let me show you!

This is what makes the TrifiBoost Wifi extender unique and special:
TrifiBoost Wifi Extender Specs and Features

✅3 adjustable signal antennas
✅Dual-band Wi-Fi
Speed of 300Mbps on 2.4Ghz and 433Mbps on 5Ghz channels
✅2 LAN ports
✅WPA/WPA2-PSK security encryption
Eco and Turbo Boost mode
✅Status panel
✅Multi LED signal strength
✅Universal power outlets
✅Easy to use
✅Reset button
✅Connection status bar
Aprox. 300 FTs of area coverage*
✅3 Connection Modes: Wireless AP Mode – Repeater Mode – Router Mode

 How does the Trifi Booster work? 

Trifiboost reviews are usually outstanding. People like the performance and how easy it works by extending the signal.

I never thought I would end loving a Wi Fi booster so much, especially when it doesn’t have that appealing look that I’m used to when dealing with other wifi boosters.

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Let’s face it! Three visible antennas, when nowadays most wifi boosters have integrated antennas? But Trifiboost really nailed it with this one.

The antennas have very important roles; they can be adjusted to grab the signal from the router, just like you did with your old TV from the 90’s. The big antenna from the middle is the one the Trifiboost extender uses when in Boost mode. And now when you look into it, having built-in antennas like most wifi boosters will not give you the full performance and signal expansion capacity of a boost mode.

In order to understand why the Trifiboost may be a good purchase, lets find out how it really works.

Trifi boost improves user experience by extending the wireless signal from your router so there is more coverage, less weak spots and fewer interruptions.

It catches, amplifies and extends the Wifi signal for a better online experience. This means that your loading and buffering issues will be fixed and you should never worry about it anymore.

Installation and set up was fast and I had it running in around 15 minutes. By pointing the antennas towards the router, I didn’t have to do the setup near it like with other wifi boosters.

It has 2 channels, one that provides 2.4GHz and speed up to 300Mbps and the other a 5.0Ghz for an incredible speed of up to 433Mbps. To tell you the truth, for the Trifiboost price you will not find any booster that has such an incredible speed power. In fact, if you want a wifi booster with that speed you may end paying hundreds of dollars, but that is not the case with the Trifiboost.


 How to use Trifiboost? 

The Trifiboost is an easy-to-use device and it is powerful enough to amplify the signal no matter how many wireless connections you are using.

Installation and set up can only take a few minutes when following the instructions in the manual. The Trifiboost needs a power source and a wifi signal to be able to work.

Once you have everything ready and have identified where your wifi dropout zones are, you just need to plug-in follow the set up wizard and the unit should start working properly.

It has a LED panel that will let you know whether the connection has established properly or if some of the steps have failed. If something in the process failed, one of LED light should be red or blinking. To fix that, you just need to clear the memory by pressing the reset button and redo the steps again.

By default your Trifiboost will work on the 2.4Ghz channel. This means that all of your neighboring users are sharing the same channel as well, causing your internet speed and signal performance to suffer.

To use the 5.0Ghz you need to switch the button on the side to boost mode. This mode will allow you to have better speed as less traffic is in this channel.

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The ability of to switch between the two channels is a major bonus and in my opinion it is one of my favorite features on any booster. Having super fast speed with just one button is something that can make a huge difference in connection.

In addition to the ability to switch between speeds, the Trifiboost comes with an integrated Boost/Turbo button that allows to control the booster’s performance.

This booster button gives you full control of the Trifiboost – it lets you to choose over a 75% performance to an impressive 100% performance.

Of all the Wi-Fi boosters I have reviewed, this is the only one with the Boost capacity and in my opinion the 25% difference in performance can impact enormously your signal range and wireless activity.

As mentioned earlier, the Trifiboost comes with three antennas. The ones located on each side share the 2.4GHz signal and the one from the middle shares the 5GHz. This means that you can increase the signal strength and range from anywhere in your home. And that’s not all, you can upgrade to a bigger/better antenna and expand the signal even more.

If you live in a large home where the signal is weak and have constant wifi dead zones, the Trifiboost is definitely your best choice.

 What are the benefits of getting a Trifiboost? 

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This wifi booster has many features that can’t be found in other devices. That’s why the Trifiboost review is strongly positive.

What I like the most about the Trifiboost extender is the option to switch between channels. Being able to go from 2.4 GHz to a powerful 5GHz is what stands out from the rest.

The 433Mbps speed is ideal for streaming services as well as video conferences without breaking-out the signal. I do a lot of video conferences and I can guarantee that the buffering in my screen is a thing of the past.

Even when the antennas are not that eye appealing, I have to admit that I’m grateful to have them. Trifiboost is one of the few wifi boosters that I was able to set up without being close to the router. It grabbed the signal by just pointing the antenna directly to the main router.

This is an plus as you can go further and adjust the Trifiboost unit accordingly and cover more signal expansion area. I have to say that the signal from my Trifiboost can reach as far as my backyard BBQ area.

Just like the RangeXTD the Trifiboost Wifi Booster comes with 3 modes of use:

  1. AP Mode –  Fit for home, office and places where only wired networks are available.
  2. Wireless Repeater –  Ideal for large houses, offices or warehouses.
  3. Router – Perfect when multiple users need to share the internet at the same time.

If your kids are having connection issues in their remote classes, the Trifiboost is the perfect solution for that. I have 3 beautiful nephews that do online classes and they all share the same TrifiBoost signal and as of today I’ve never had any complaints about the connection getting lost, buffering or loading issues. In fact, they’ve recommended some friends to purchase this device.

Due to the high demand of this product the company has decided to give a 50% discount to all buyers. So instead of paying full price like I did, you can enjoy it with this huge discount.


 What Could’ve Work Better For TrifiBoost? 

Trifi Boost is a near-perfect wifi booster, but like everything else in this world it has its drawbacks.

Because it is one of the best selling Wifi boosters and people seems to be buying it a lot shipping can take some time.

Another thing that I’m not a fan of is that it’s bulky, I know many people would disagree with me on this as once installed they leave it in the same place, which in most cases this means years, but I travel a lot and I like to carry the wifi boosters with me. It can be troublesome to pack the unit due to the antennas.

For the rest I can’t be more pleased with the Trifiboost as there are not technical issues I had to worry about.

 Trifiboost Review Pros & Cons 

Trifiboost Pros:

✅Easy set up and installation
✅Dual boost capacity
✅Amazing Performance
✅Great range signal expansion

Trifiboost Cons:

❌Bulky design – Hard to pack and travel
❌Delivers only to US, AU, CA, UK, PR
❌Shipping time

 Is Trifiboost a scam? 

No, Trifiboost scam is a term that you’ll frequently hear, but in reality it is a strategy from competitors to try and grab the sales this company is doing.

The company has a great customer support and helps you solve issues through phone or email.

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 Trifiboost FAQs? 

Does Trifiboost work?

Yes, Trifiboost is one of the best wifi extenders you could buy. It can extend the signal for up to 300Fts depending on walls, structure and other obstructions.

What speed should I expect from my Trifiboost wifi booster?

When using the 2.4GHz you will get up to 300Mbps. In the 5GHz channel you can expect speed of 433Mbps at the most.

How many Trifiboost do I need to buy?

Trifiboost is perfect for big houses, however its performance will vary greatly depending on the obstructions. One Trifi Boost should cover up to 300FTs. If your Wifi deadzone is small, the 1 Trifibooster will fix the problem. Bigger or other wifi black zones may require more units.

Where can I purchase the Trifiboost?

The Trifiboost can only be purchased online through their original website.

Can Trifiboost increase the speed of my router?

No, the speed of your booster is limited to your internet router’s speed. Don’t expect the Trifiboost to increase the speed. I t will only expand the existing signal.

Can I use the Trifiboost as a router?

Yes, Trifiboost has three modes: AP Mode, Repeater Mode and Router Mode.

Will I get free internet with the Trifiboost?

No, Trifiboost is not a replacement for any internet provider plan. Trifiboost is a one-time purchase and no extra charges or contracts are present.

Does Trifiboost offers moneyback guarantee?

Trifiboost has a 30-day money back guarantee and if you are not satisfied with the product, just send it back for a full refund minus S/H.

 Trifiboost Wifi Booster Price & Where to Buy 

Trifi Boost WiFi booster can be purchased only through their official website and only there is where you can find the half price disocunt.

The regular price for one unit is $107.68, but with the 50% discount it is at  $69.95 plus shipping and if you buy more units you can get them at a lower price.


 Trifiboost Review – Final ruling 


 Rating 97%  (9.7/10)

What Trifiboost lacks in beauty is tremendously compensated with performance and there are many things to love about this booster.

It has everything you need to extend wifi signals and push your connection to the limits.

If you live in a big house, with many wifi dead zones, the Trifiboost will come in handy. I have tested many wifi booster and I can say this Trifiboost will amaze you.

My family and friends always enjoy the reliability of this small gadget performance and as of today we are never had any problems with the signal expansion. Trifiboost has always given us the best signal in every corner of the house.

If you are not a tech-savvy,  don’t worry, Trifiboost is designed to ease our mind in that matter. In just a few minutes you will have it ready and running your place. If you need a high-performing Wifi booster, the Trifiboost is one of those that won’t disappoint and the best thing is that it last for years to come.




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