Best Wifi Ultra Boost Review 2022

Wifi Ultra Boost Review

The Wifi UltraBoost also known as Ultra Wifi Pro wifi booster makes life easier by extending the wifi signal of your router to compensate those unreachable dead zones in your home.

The Wifi Ultraboost review one of the best among dozens of other wifi boosters in the same category.

Wifi Ultra Boost Review – Is it really worth the hype?

The Wifi Ultra Boost is a great solution if your connection is not well distributed across your place. You’ll obtain more Wi-Fi signal coverage and better connection to run all your devices without getting interrupted by loading or buffering messages.

What makes Wifi Ultraboost reliable?

This small gadget has everything you need to extend your wireless signal without the need of buying another router or paying extra to your internet provider. It is comparable to those expensive Wifi boosters sold in major retail stores, but at only a fraction of the price.

Ultra Wifi Pro Specs and Features

✅Two built-in antennas
✅ 2.4GHz signal extension
✅Incredible 300Mbps speed
✅WEP security encryption
✅WPS button
Easy to use (plug-and-play)
✅LED signal panel
✅Reset button
Low energy consumption
✅Elegant design

 How does Wifi Ultra Boost work? 

If you are experiencing weak Wifi connection in one or multiple corners of the house, the Ultra Wifi Pro will come in handy. This small gadget works by collecting the signal from your router and amplifying it to cover more range.

Wifi Ultra Pro will correct  all WiFi signal dead zones and well as strengthening the connection and user experience.

ultra wifi pro reviews

The UltraWifi Pro comes with two built-in antennas that are in charge of collecting the signal and spreading across the area.

This easy to use device will boost your wifi connection to a maximum speed of 300Mbps. Of course, this speed is determined by interference such as walls, furniture and other electronic devices that may interrupt the signal.

Wifi Ultraboost is great for any place, but in my experience it works best in small and medium homes, offices and storage rooms. If you live in a larger home, you have to consider that one unit will not be enough to cover those hard-to-reach wifi zones. Getting 2 or more units will surely fix the problem.

The Ultra Wifi Pro company claims that it can extend the signal up to 230 Fts, that sounds fair if you live in an open house with no walls or interference. I do recommend to install your device in a 110Fts area coverage.

With 110Fts of signal coverage I can run my devices as far as my garage with just one unit, now with more units I was able to expand it as far as my backyard and even further.


 How to use the Wifi Ultraboost extender? 

Wifi Ultra Boost review has been consistently good among users and that is mostly due to the easy-to-use concept.

Installation is user-friendly and you can have it running in under 30 minutes. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any technical experience with wifi boosters in the past. The Wifi Ultra comes with easy-to-follow instructions where you can find all set-up steps.

To use the Ultra Wifi Pro you need an internet connection, a power source such as a wall outlet to connect the unit, an internet connection, and of course, you have to identify where your wifi dead zones are to connect it in the right place.

Once you have identified the wifi dead zones, connect the Wifi Ultra Pro to the outlet and proceed to the set-up. If you are prompted to use a password, it should be the same as your password router. This is not something that is required, but in case you do, the password should be located under your router unit.

What to do if the connection was unsuccessful?

ultra wifi pro review

Each Ultra Boost Wifi  comes with signal lights on the right that will let you know when the device is working properly. In the particular failure notice all you need to do is press the reset button and repeat the installation process.

Once the connection is established you are now ready to enjoy the full signal boosting of the Wifi Ultra Boost.

By pressing the WPS you can re-establish a connection between the router and the wifi booster. To install multiple Wifi Ultraboost signal boosters you need to follow the same steps with all the units.

A great thing about this device is that one unit can grab the signal from the other. So if you have one Wifi ultraboost installed, you can set-up other wifi boosters to bounce the signal from one another and expand the connection even further.

 What are the benefits of getting the Wifi UltraBoost? 

ultra wifi pro booster

The small and conspicuous Wifi Ultraboost can help you fix all wifi black zones in your home when installed properly.

It offers good speed and reliable data transfer that lets you run your devices and connect to the internet without interruptions, buffering, loadings or unexpected signal drops.

Ultra Wifi booster is compatible with most internet routers, in the USA and Canada. If you live outside the USA and CA we recommend to look for the iBooster Wifi Booster that has very similar specs and reviews.

When using the Ultra Wifi Pro you can stream movies, play your favorite video games, maintain uninterrupted connections when working remote or online school.

It covers 110Fts of area all around. Very useful when living in multiple story building as it can reach upper or lower floors.

The wifi booster comes in 2 colors; black or white and it is sold in United States and Canada.

The Ultra Wifi Pro is energy efficient and may spent only $2-3 usd a year on electricity.

The Wifi UltraBoost is small; almost the size of a smartphone. Easy to carry and travel with, but is powerful enough to boost any signal and recover all those hard-to-reach zones.

It is multi compatible, which means you can connect several devices such as you PC, phone, TV, video games and more, without the signal getting compromised.


 What Could’ve Work Better For The Wifi UltraBoost? 

To make the best use of your Wifi Ultra Boost you need to know the limits of your router and wireless distribution. If your router has speed under 300Mbps, don’t expect your Wifi Ultra to increase the speed far beyond that point.

I would have loved for the device to increase speed, but that’s not what a Wifi booster is made for. Nevertheless, if you are pleased with your internet speed, the unit will definitely work for you.

If you need to increase your wireless connection speed, you can contact your provider as the normally do that for free or a few extra cents in your bill. However, using the Wifi Ultraboost booster will not cost you extra, as it is not under any monthly bills or whatsoever.

The device is small, but its round corners can block the entire outlet unit, but so far I have not seen any device that won’t occupy the entire outlet other than the RangeXTD.

In general, the Wifi UltraPro is great and will fulfill the purpose of correcting the weak internet connection in your home, office, apartment or wherever you need it.

 Wifi Ultra Boost Review Pros & Cons 

Wifi Ultraboost Pros:

✅Portable, easy to travel with
✅WAP2 security.
✅LAN, WLAN and On/Off displays
✅WPS button for easy connection.
✅Universal router compatibility.
✅Fast downloads

Wifi Ultraboost Cons:

❌Only sold in USA and Canada.
❌Won’t increase router speed.
❌Round corners may block outlet.

 Ultra WifiBoost Review – Scam or the real deal? 

As of today, I can’t complaint about the Wifi Ultra Boost. For the price it can surely help you with your wifi dead zones issues.

The bad reviews I have seen on the internet claiming that the Ultra Wifiboost is a scam is because the person bought it on a website that was not the original and of course the unit will end in a failure.

ultra wifi pro booster reviews

When ordering the Wifi Ultra please make sure to get it only in their official online store.

By purchasing in their website, you can guarantee that you will get a legit product and not a fake one.


 Wifi Ultraboost FAQs 

Does the Wifi Ultra Boost work?

Yes, Ultra Wifi Boost is one of the best wifi extenders you can purchase. It has a signal strength of up to 2.4Ghz and a max speed of 300Mbps.

How much does the Ultra Wifi Pro cost?

The Ultra Wifi is sold at $39.95. That’s a 33% discount from the original price. However, the company offers greater discounts when purchased in bulks of 2 or more.

Does the Wifi Ultraboost ships out side the USA?

The Wifi Ultra Pro is sold only in USA and Canada.

How many Wifi Ultra Boost do I need?

One Wifi Ultraboost will cover around 110Fts of your area. It includes multistory buildings. As long as the wifi dead zones are inside that area it will fix the problem.  If you live in a larger home You may need to get 2 or more units.

Where can I purchase the Wifi Ultra Boost?

The Wifi Ultra Boost can only be can only be purchased online through their official website. It is not sold on Amazon, eBay or any retail store.

Can the Ultra Wifi Pro increase the speed of my router?

No, the speed of your booster is limited to your internet router’s speed. I t will only expand the existing signal at the current speed.

Can I use the Wifi Ultraboost as a router?

No, WifiUltra Boost is only a wifi booster. It does not work as a router.

What is the monthly payment for using Wifi Ultra Boost?

There are no monthly bills for using this wifi extender. Wifi Ultra Boost is a one-time-only purchase.

What is the Wifi Ultra Boost Warranty?

Wifi Ultra Boost has a 30-day money back guarantee for unused deviced. Return the product to the company and they will refund the money.

 Ultra Wifi Pro Price & Where to Buy 

The WiFi Ultraboost booster can be purchased through their official website and only there is where you can find the original product.

The regular price for one unit is $59.63 usd, but with the 33% discount and free shipping it is at  $49.95. If you buy more units you can get them at a 50% discount


 Final ruling 

is ultra wifi pro a scam

 Rating 93%  (9.3/10)

There is a lot to love from the Wifi Ultra Pro, from performance to design.

If you need a wifi booster for fix the dead zones in your place, this small gadget is something you should consider.

Independently on your tech skills, is is easy to install. You don’t need to be a tech savy to have this unit running.

The Ultra Wifi Pro booster will make the wireless connection in your house a nice experience for everyone.

Despite not being new to the market, it is always one of the best sellers in USA and Canada.



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