What Is A Wi-Fi Booster And Why Do You Need One?

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Nowadays, having a WiFi connection is as indispensable as having electricity. With the ever-changing technology, more and more devices need a WiFi signal to work. Typically, you need a Wifi connection to run basic devices, like your phones, tablets, desktop, laptop, but now you can run your entire house using a Wi-fi connection.

Sometimes Wi-Fi signal can be inconsistent, and that is mostly due to the amount of devices using your signal, or just that the router can’t cover all spots due to the architectural construction and interference of the house.

A Wi-Fi booster also know as wi-fi range extender or Wi-Fi network extender is a device that automatically extends network coverage by boosting, increasing or amplifying the existing signal. It allows wireless devices to use the amplified coverage signal to connect to the internet or the desired wireless network.

Most WiFi boosters are needed to solve the dead zone problems in a place where there is a weak WiFi signal or poor wifi reception. In other words, the Wifi booster will grab the weak signal of your transmitter and amplify it to enhance those weak zones where you can’t use your wireless devices properly.

On any average home, there may be certain rooms or areas where you lose you Wi-Fi reception. With a Wifi booster you can easily extend the Wi-Fi network coverage and allow your devices to work correctly. This is why sometimes Wifi boosters are called WiFi extenders or Wi-Fi expanders.


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When Do I Need a Wifi Booster?

If you notice slow reception or a place where your connection is being interrupted, even when your internet provider has given a boost in speed for your receiver, a Wi-Fi booster or extender may be a great addition to fix that weak wireless reliability.

By boosting your Wi-Fi signal reception, you should be able to amplify the coverage and provide a stronger transmission and with this, allowing people around the space to connect without interruption and have a smoother experience to stream their favorite programs, play online games, download and upload videos, uninterrupted video chats or video conferences, plus much more.

Weak Wi-Fi signals can also depend on the structural construction of the place. Thick walls as those of concrete, bricks and metal tend to interrupt WiFi reception more often than thin walls such as wooden walls. A Wi-Fi booster may easily solve that problem, by grabbing the Wifi signal and bouncing it to those unreachable zones. Have in mind that also objects like furniture may obstruct the Wi-Fi signal thus giving a sense of slow or interrupted WiFi connection – placing your Wi-Fi transmitter in another place or moving the obstructing furniture can solve the problem.

How Does a Wi-Fi Booster Works?

Although most Wi-Fi extenders theoretically do the same job – to boost your WiFi wireless connection, it is important to understand how they work or at least how they do the job. Learning the basic functionalities of a Wi-Fi signal booster may help you decide whether you need to purchase one, two or more.

As mentioned earlier, a Wifi booster will grab the existing signal of your transmitter, in most cases a router and will amplify it to cover more area. To do this, both the Wifi booster and your router must be connected and turned on. The transmitter should be receiving the internet connection and converting it in to the Wi-fi signal you rely on, while the Wifi booster will receive that signal and bounce it to more zones.

All Wi-Fi boosters work just the same, but their signal transmission is dependent on their capacity. If you have multiple dead zones in your place, where the Wi-Fi connection is not the best, then you may need to have multiple Wi-Fi boosters to correct the weak Wifi signal. But if you have just one spot where there is slow wifi reception, then one booster will do the job.

Know that Wi-Fi boosters will not only grab the wireless signal from your router, but also recognize the expanded signal from another Wi-Fi booster and will amplify it as well. This function will come in handy when your internet router is located in a place that makes it hard to reach in multiple zones, as the boosters will keep amplifying that signal and extend its Wifi range as needed.

What Features Does a Wi-Fi Booster Should Have?

The science behind a reliable wifi boosters is not complicated. Most Wi-Fi wireless boosters will come with simple instructions on how to install, and the vast majority is just a plug-in, manual set up and you are done. There are some that may need a little programing before getting them to work, but these are becoming less popular by the time, as new technology replaces them.

The most popular WiFi boosters in 2021 have the following convenient features: WPS button, ethernet ports, power button, reset button and usb ports.

  • WPS button – This feature will allow an easy connection between the router and the booster by just a button push. Both the Wifi booster and the router must be close on the same room in order to make them sync.
  • Ethernet ports – Many wifi range boosters will come with one or multiple ethernet ports. Although it’s not a must-have feature for a booster to work it is very convenient, specially if you want to have the full boosted potential of the signal by connecting your devices like video game consoles or PC directly to it. This will provide a most reliable output connection.
  • Power button – Past generation of Wifi Boosters lack this function. A power On/Off switch or button was added to make it easy to shutdown when not in use. Although, the majority of the users never shutdown their wifi extenders at their place, others that travel with the boosters agree that this feature is a must have.
  • Reset button – Like many electronic devices, even the best wifi boosters will fail to connect correctly or for some reason the active synched connection drops. To avoid further programing or to stop disconnecting and reconnecting a reset button was conveniently added to some of the wifi range boosters. By pushing the reset button the memory will be cleared and the system will reboot. This allows the connection to be reestablished.
  • USB port – A usb port in a Wi-Fi booster is used mostly to connect, printers, faxes, digital cameras and other devices. Same as the ethernet port, it is not a necessary feature to make the wifi booster work, but it’s conveniently added so people can have the option to work near the Wi-Fi booster instead of moving closer to the main router.

What Tools Do You Need To Use a Wi-Fi Signal Booster?

To be able to use a Wifi signal booster you don’t need any special tools or wiring as most of them are designed to make everything simple and free of complications. What you need is a broadband internet connection;  it doesn’t matter the reliability of the connection, but it must be there in order to make your wifi booster work. If you don’t have internet connection at your place, you need to purchase a plan with any of the internet providers in your area.

In addition to a reliable internet connection your signal booster wifi needs be plugged to an electrical outlet, in some cases placed in a flat surface or rarely mounted in a wall. Wifi signal boosters rely on electricity to operate, but they can easily blend in the room as they are discrete in size.

Where Do I Need To Place The Wi-fi Booster?

One thing about the Wi-Fi signal boosters is that they can be placed anywhere as long as there is a source of electricity. People place their wifi booster where they know there is a poor Wi-Fi signal or poor internet reception, usually between the router and the wifi deadzone.

Due to the wireless nature and discrete size, people connect their wifi booster in the kitchen, living room, garage, basement and even attics. Wi-Fi boosters that need to be plugged into an electric outlet are usually the most simple to connect, as they can be placed exactly where you need as long as there is an outlet there. For wall mounted Wi-Fi boosters you are limited to where they are placed, as they are generally screwed in the wall. That’s why wireless Wi-Fi boosters that can be plugged to an outlet sell better.

Does a Wi-Fi Booster Has Any Security Level?

Wi-fi signal boosters have the same level of protection as your router. Their security ranges from WEP, WPA or WPA2. With WEP being the oldest security type, it is considered the less secure, but still the protection is quite good.

How To Install A Wi-Fi Range Booster?

Wi-Fi booster installations are as simple as it gets, but you need a few minutes to do the set up. To begin with you Wi-Fi setup you need to identify your weak wifi signal spots.

Connect the Wifi range booster to a power supply. Using your computer, access your wifi booster and follow the steps in your screen. Depending on the brand, you will be prompted to fill on the username, password and Wi-fi router details. These should be your login credentials and what allows your Wi-fi booster to recognize the signal from your transmitter.

With all the information on and the Wi-fi booster already connected and in range it should be able to begin the transmission of the signal. Have in mind that the wifi booster connection can take several minutes. If any of the process is interrupted during the Wi-fi booster synchronization you may need to restart again.

Where Can I Use A Wi-Fi Booster?

Wi Fi signal boosters can be place anywhere you need. It can be an office building, a garage, library, room, hotels, storages, outdoors and more. As long as there is a Wi fi signal and a power outlet it should be good. However, like any other electric device, certain conditions such as water or extreme heat may damage the Wi-fi booster integrity.

To avoid damages or malfunction in your Wi-fi extenders, it is not recommended to place them in wet places, like near pools, showers or hot places like a heater or oven. This will extend the service life of your WiFi signal booster.

Does a Wi-Fi Booster Works?

To scratch out any doubts and respond to one of the common questions – “does a Wi-Fi booster works?”  The answer is yes! Wi-Fi boosters are manufactured with the intention of correcting one of the main problems in a home – to boost wifi signal.

In a nutshell, to have a Wifi signal extender such as a Wi-Fi booster will definitely improve the user experience in a place where weak signal reception is a problem. Therefore a better wifi signal strength will come in handy with a reliable signal extender.

Why Do I Need A WiFi Booster?

Getting perfect wifi signal in every parts of a house can be challenging. There may be a dead zone in the upper room, or near the kitchen where you need it the most. Maybe you installed a new smart TV in the family room just to find out that the signal is not strong enough to make it work. These and many other reasons are key factors in deciding whether you need to get another router or try a wifi booster.


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