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rangextd review

RangeXTD Review – Is this the best wifi booster?

RangeXTD is a Wifi extender designed to expand the Wi-Fi signal from your existing router.

Like most  wifi extenders, the RangeXTD works by grabbing the signal from your router and spreading it across the entire area.

It is widely used to fix dead zones where the Wi-Fi connection does not reach properly.

What are the Range XTD Specifications and Features?

RangeXTD Specs and Features

✅Two 3-D built-in antennas
✅2.4 GHZ data transfer
Wireless speed up to 300Mbps
✅1LAN port and 1WAN/LAN port
WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security encryption
One-Push WPS connection button
✅Dedicated ethernet access
✅Multi LED signal strength
✅Universal power outlets
✅EZ setup/installation time
✅Power ON/Off button for full control
✅Reset button
✅Connection status bar
✅Sleek, elegant and portable design
3 Connection Modes: Wireless AP Mode – Repeater Mode – Router Mode

 How does RangeXTD work? 

Not all Wifi boosters are well rated by their users, however the RangeXTD reviews are mostly positive.

In order to obtain the full benefits of this small portable extender you need to understand how the RangeXTD works and why it could be a good purchase.

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Range XTD improves user experience by extending the wireless signal from your router so there is more coverage and less weak spots.

The small extender box eliminates connectivity interruptions from you home. It catches, amplifies and extends the Wifi signal for a better online experience.

The Range XTD booster has two built-in 3D antennas that allow a uniform distribution of the signal across the entire zone. These antennas are independent from one another and contrary to other wifi boosters each antenna can grab and distribute the signal on its own.

With 2.4Ghz data transfer and speed up to 300Mbps the RangeXTD can easily run your entire room. Nevertheless, the capacity will be determined by the location and things like furniture, walls and other home designed factors.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first extender, installing and using the RangeXTD is very easy and anyone can do it.

 How to use RangeXTD? 

It doesn’t matter if this is your first WiFi booster or if you have had experience with extenders in the past. The RangeXTD is an easy-to-use device with tremendous benefits.

RangeXTD has been designed to improve wireless network coverage in most Wide Area Network (WAN). Its simplicity makes it top on the list of the best wifi extenders reviews.

Installation and set up can only take a few minutes when following the instructions in the manual. Nevertheless, to use the RangeXTD you need an internet connection and route access to a Wifi network.

If you don’t have internet service and a router to establish a WiFi wireless network we recommend you to contact your local provider for a service plan.

Once you have identified the weak Wifi zones, you just need to connect the RangeXTD to a power source between the router and the affected area and follow the wizard set up instructions.

If the connection is successfully established all the LED light indicators should have a green light. This means that you are ready to enjoy the RangeXTD internet extender.

 RangeXTD Installation and Set Up 

Some WiFi boosters are really complicated to install, but the RangeXTD is far from that.

An easy to set up wizard allows a fast and easy connection between the router and extender. The integrated LED lights let you know whether the connection was successful or has failed at some point.

The LED wifi signal strength indicator allows you to see how good your Wi-Fi signal reception is. Although, this may not be a key feature in the product it shortens the walk-around time trying to figure out where is the best place to connect your wifi booster. I have installed many wifi boosters that don’t have this feature, and from experience we know that finding a good spot can be tricky.

Some furniture, walls and other objects may interrupt the signal by blocking reception. If possible moving these objects may solve the problem, but if not, for obvious reasons, then getting multiple wifi boosters can fix that.

RangeXTD will save a lot of time and frustration, specially if you are not a tech-savy. I don’t know about you, but I rather spent the weekend watching my favorite TV show than wasting my time in a wifi booster installation.

 Why do I recommend RangeXTD? 

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What I like the most about Range XTD was the option of choosing between 3 modes. So far it is the only wifi booster in its category that allows you to do that.

When referring to security, the RangeXTD offers WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption which is insanely safe for your data when surfing the internet.

The speed offered for data transfer was also amazing, with up to 300Mbps I was able to upload and download without hesitation.

The WPS button for fast connectivity is a must for any booster and the power on/off switch is a great addition specially when traveling.

Adding a bit more about the modes, we couldn’t feel more pleased about this feature and here is what you can do with each one of the modes:

  1. AP Mode –  Fit for home, office and places where only wired network is available.
  2. Wireless Repeater –  Useful for large house, office or warehouse where wifi signal is weak.
  3. Router – Ideal when multiple users need to share the internet

Installation also makes this extender one of the favorites for many buyers. As we mentioned earlier, it is user friendly and easy to install. Never had to look for support and  it took less than ten minutes to have it ready.

In addition, the RangeXTD has a beautiful design that makes it look great wherever you place it. It doesn’t take much space which makes it ideal for travelers.


 RangeXTD Review -What Could Work Better? 

Not everything is “peaches and cream” with the RangeXTD. We would have loved to purchase the perfect wifi booster, but here are some of the not-so-good things about it.

First, it took a long time to deliver; we thought it was a RangeXTD scam, but after 3 weeks it was finally here. It was nicely packed and the box contains everything needed for the installation.

The slow shipping may have been caused for multiple reasons: first, it may be due to the popularity this product. Of all the wifi boosters I have tested and review, this is the one that you find  the most information on the internet. Lately with more and more people working remote from home, shipments can be delayed.

In addition to this, the company is offering huge discounts for limited time which attracts more buyers.

On the other hand, remember that I said it took less than 10 minutes to install? That was after finding out that you need to be close to the router to do the initial setup. I was not aware of that until a few dozen failed attempts, but now that you are ‘aware’ of this, you can avoid the hassle and do the set up near the router.

Some people report that the RangeXTD is not compatible with some Comcast routers, but I don’t know which particular Comcast model is giving problems. I can assume they issue is with the newest Wi-Fi 6 Comcast as this booster hasn’t been upgraded to allow such technology yet.

For the rest, I don’t have any other complaint about the Range XTD Wi-Fi signal booster. It works great for me and my family and do the job the way it should.

 RangeXTD Review Pros & Cons 

As you can see, there are a lot of things to love from the RangeXTD. I have been using this wifi range booster for quite some time now and as of today it performance has been outstanding – comparable in many ways to the TP-Link wifi booster, Amazon Wifi Booster and Netgear extender. And the best thing it cost only a fraction of the price.

RangeXTD Pros:

✅Easy to install
✅Security features
✅Portable and discrete
✅Affordable price
✅Speed and performance

RangeXTD Cons:

❌Shipping time
❌Sold only in US, AU, CA, UK and PR
❌Needs to be close to router for initial setup

 Is RangeXTD a scam? 

No, RangeXTD is far beyond from being a scam. The company has been in the market for a few years and they keep selling the RangeXTD internet booster really well.

We have not yet contacted RangeXTD support since our repeater has not given any problems, but looking at other RangeXTD reviews, people say support is very good and the company is responsive.

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 RangeXTD FAQs? 

Does RangeXTD work?

Yes, a positive RangeXTD review has been consistent in many websites. It will grab the signal of you router and distribute it across your Wifi dead zones. It’s ideal for homes, office, storages and buildings.

What speed should I expect from my RangeXTD wifi booster?

Depending on the structure of your home and your router you should expect speed of up to 300Mbps

How many RangeXTD do I need to buy?

If you live in a small home where the wifi dead zones are not a big problem, one RangeXTD can do the job. However, big houses, apartments and structures may require 2 or more extenders to compensate the wifi signal loss.

Where can I purchase the RangeXTD?

The RangeXTD can only be purchased online. It is not sold in any physical store. This way the product can be affordable to many users.

Can RangeXTD increase the speed of my router?

No, if your internet provider does not offer speeds of 300Mps or more, the RangeXTD will extend the signal only to the current speed.

Can I use the RangeXTD as a router?

Yes, RangeXTD can work in 3 modes: AP Mode, Repeater Mode and Router Mode.

Will I get free internet with the RangeXTD?

No, you need to pay for your internet service. RangeXTD is not a replacement for any internet provider plan. It is only designed to expand your wireless signal.

Does RangeXTD offers moneyback guarantee?

RangeXTD offers a 30-day money back guarantee and if you are not satisfied with the product, simple send it back for a full refund. Less S/H

 RangeXTD Wifi Booster Price & Where to Buy 

Range XTD WiFi booster is only sold online and the best place to get it is through their official website you can get the best prices and discounts.

The regular price of one RangeXTD unit is $99.90, but the company has a special offer and you can get it at 50% off. That’s only $49.95 plus shipping and if you buy more units you can get them at a lower price.

List of prices with the 50% Discount
  • 1 RangeXTD – $49.95
  • 2 RangeXTD – $99.90
  • 3 RangeXTD – $112.39
  • 4 RangeXTD – $149.85

Remember, these deals are only possible if you buy the product directly on their official online store.


 RangeXTD Review Final Ruling 

rangextd setup

 Rating 98%  (9.8/10)

If you want value for money, the RangeXTD extender is your best bet. I have tested many wifi booster and I can say this RangeXTD ranks the top among all of them.

It is very easy to use and install, making it ideal for people who lack  experience with

any wifi booster or are not that much into technology. It is just a plug-in and play and once you get it running you can enjoy better signal reception throughout your home.

It has fixed all wifi blind spots in my house, allowing friends and family to connect from anywhere, even as far as the backyard. If you live in a big house, I strongly recommend to purchase 2 or more units. This will allow you to cover more zones and correct all those hard-to-reach areas.

Fixing dead zones, is always easy with the RangeXTD.




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